About us

My41auto is truly a “family” operation.  Ray Knebel is the owner and lives next door to the dealership.  Ray has over 50 years of experience in and out of the car business along with a few years as a motorcoach tour driver.

Pete is Ray’s brother and is a buyer/salesman for the lot.

Austin is Ray’s youngest of 6 children.  He currently lives in Virginia, is an Army vet, has worked for the Pentagon and watches local large Virginia auctions for clean, low mileage new car dealer trades.

Dustin, who feels like family is the lot/inventory manager.  He does most of the Wisconsin safety inspections, some detailing, some selling and generally watches over the whole lot.

We have none of the huge expenses that the average car lot has! Pete and I are both collecting social security and the overhead is lower than anyone else we have ever known in the business. The inventory is also completely owned by us so there is no bank or “floorplan” company waiting to get paid.

What this all means is that we can be very selective in buying inventory for the lot. Even though most of our inventory is in the $4,995 range (or less) they are carefully picked for the amount of life they have left in them, their condition, their relatively low miles, etc. The inventory will be a mix of southern cars from the Virginia/D.C. area, local new car trade-ins, and a few campers from insurance companies. We will not hesitate to tell you where we got a particular car from, what we’ve done to it, what we know about it, and we can usually provide a Carfax or Autocheck.